The Grub Bus

What started as a young man’s interest and love for entertaining family and friends with his delicious cooking, grew into a lifelong commitment to providing an unusual food experience. The Grub Bus was birthed out of passion and pure, undiluted love for creating the tastiest, nutritious and mouthwatering foods on the planet. 

Guess what? Not only are our meals delicious, but you also have never tasted anything like it. This is because we are a place with a unique taste. Our meals are prepared by the most skilled and experienced hands, with the best spices and ingredients, in a safe and certified kitchen. 

We are truly rewarded by the beautiful smiles on the faces of those who enjoy our food. We keep our customers coming back for more, and the best part is, they always refer their friends and family to The Grub Bus. And why not? A lot of time and resources have been invested in developing our delicious recipes. Every food item on our menu is guaranteed to start a party in your mouth.

Speaking of parties, you should contact us to handle your next catering event, social engagement, birthday, wedding, festive event, and so on.  It does not matter how many people we have the responsibility to feed, our standards and quality remain unchanged. Please send an email to info@thegrubbus.com for more information on the catering packages we offer.

Would you like to stop by our location and grab a burger? Find us by going to our truck locator page at www.thegrubbus.com\truck-locator .

Gary Manus, Owner

Gary Manus epitomizes integrity, energy, hard work, and creative service in every detail of the food business.  Gary was born in Detroit eventually moving to the Pacific Northwest.  While young he love for cooking was born out of watching and mimicking his mother cook meals for the family.  He has continued to perfect his cooking skills as student athlete for Central Washington University. Playing football by day throwing parties at night.  He has worked in every aspect of the industry from purchasing food and stock, cooking for hundreds of individuals on a daily basis to keeping tabs on food cost, waste and employee hours, doing their best to optimize profit for their company and create the best dining experience possible for customers.

Gary is a family man with twin daughters.  An athlete by nature, also in his spare time you can see Chef Gary Manus transform into "Coach Gary" roaming the sidelines of the Puget Sound Lancers, a youth football organization located in Burien, WA. 

Gary uses his experience and foresight to proactively address details before they become a problem.  He and his team work with customers to inspect, maintain and initiate communication in every detail of the food business, from the first phone call all the way to the customer's first taste. He leads, trains, and motivates his team to communicate with you better than none.  Five words you can count on from Gary Manus love, integrity, commitment, passion, and fun.

John Wayne Penton, Co-Owner

John Penton, Berkeley Alum and former collegiate football and track athlete and now a Techie by trade joined forces with Gary Manus to create The Onyx Group LLC. These kinds of business ventures created from the minds of the minority entrepreneurs uplift communities, and foster a sense of pride in the people that live in their immediate areas. When you support our business, you get products that are valuable for the unique character they bring. 

We intend to invest not only monetarily but the following:

  • Promote education attainment to overcome economic disparities;
  • Provide mentoring, internships, or apprenticeship-type training;
  • Improve business performance for upcoming entrepreneurs ;

We love to invest in people because we care.