A Place with a Unique Taste

28 Nov 2019

What started as a young man’s interest and love for entertaining family and friends with his delicious cooking, grew into a lifelong commitment to providing an unusual food experience. The Grub Bus was birthed out of passion and pure, undiluted love for creating the tastiest, nutritious and mouth watering foods on the planet. 

Guess what? Not only are our meals delicious, but you also have never tasted anything like it. This is because we are a place with a unique taste. Our meals are prepared by the most skilled and experienced hands, with the best spices and ingredients, in a safe and certified kitchen. 

We are truly rewarded by the beautiful smiles on the faces of those who enjoy our foods. We keep our customers coming back for more, and the best part is, they always refer their friends and family to The Grub Bus. And why not? A lot of time and resources have been invested in developing our delicious recipes. Every food on our menu is guaranteed to start a party in your mouth.

Speaking of parties, you should totally call us to handle your event catering - corporate events, house parties, birthdays, weddings, festive events, and so on.  It doesn't matter how many people we've got the responsibility to feed, our standards and quality remain unchanged. Please send an email to info@thegrubbus.com  to request for our packages.

Would you like to stop by our location and grab a burger? Find us by going to our truck locator page at www.thegrubbus.com\truck-locator .